Saturday, March 26, 2011

That's My Word! "Hobbies"

Kitbash definiton: Kitbashing or model bashing is a practice whereby a new scale model is created by taking pieces out of commercial kits. These pieces may be added to a custom project or to another kit. For professional modelmakers, kitbashing is popular to create concept models for detailing movie special effects. For the hobbyist, kitbashing saves time that would be spent scratch building an entire model. Hobbyists may kitbash to create a model of a subject (real or imaginary) for which there is not a commercial kit.
I do 1/6 scale or 12 inch modeling/figures. I spent 9 years in the US Navy on an Aircraft Carrier(Mechanic VA 52),Conducted Carrier ops with west coast SEALS (aboard CVN 70) & toured the Western Pacific (Westpac) twice! This gives myself & others a little edge in the military arena when it comes to "Attention to Detail". These figures were put together from scratch,right down to the nude body & headsculpts(Loading toys). Lieutenant Simon"Ghost" Riley is an English character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He is the second in command of Task Force 141, and is seen wearing dark sunglasses and a skull patterned balaclava. Also from Modern Warfare 2 we have:John"Soap" MacTavish the Scottish main character and primary protagonist in the Modern Warfare games. Soap is outfitted from the FAVELA mission.                     
Metal Gear is one of my all time favorite games,so i had to put together a couple of figures. For Snake Eater Vietnam/Cold war Snake: Custom head from ebay,clothes,Stinger launcher from 21st century, Body & wetsuit from BBI. Weapons,Harness (stabo rigg) & boots-Dragon models ltd. Metal Gear Solid Snake began as a used Konami figure purchased from a friend (Cloud General). I removed the Head & gear then replaced the body with a BBI and added another pair of gray BDU pants over his origional. Solid Snake's harness is from Hot Toys Chris Redfeild figure & Socom pistol were both purchased from Urban Samurai Hobbies(USH). I also collect commercial figure releases as well as Robots like Transformers(tfw2005) & Hiphop related/Vintage toys. Big thanks to USH & the incredible,inspirational OSW( Stay tuned for more to come! Thanks for checkin,PEACE!                             

Monday, March 14, 2011

One time for your mind! Here we go,here we go!

The Ease is now down with the blog. Stay tuned for HIPHOP flava commentary on everything from toys to music, movies to current events! Thanks for checking & stay tuned!