Sunday, June 19, 2011


I've always been fond of Robots. I was hooked from the time i received my first one,the Topper King Ding. At about the 2 minute mark in this video,you can see what i woke up too one Christmas morning as a youngster!

From there i watched Gigantor everyday when i got home from school. I was hooked!

Transformers hold a special place with me. I was too old to play with the toys, but would watch the episodes on tv when i was in the Navy. It meant alot at the time,because i had just reported for duty to my NAVY squadron & didn't know to many people. Since the majority of my shipmates were already out to sea & on their way back,i got to stay on land & do Barracks maintenance. I would be off at 3.00 go back have a snack, & watch Transformers cartoons. What was also cool was that Transformers can cater not only to kids,anime geeks, & robot nerds but also the guys who like "big boy toys" like CAR nuts or enthusiasts . Believe me if i hit the number i would have cars like Jay Leno or Wyclef Jean!

Fast forward to now,with the 3rd & final part of the Transformers trilogy just around the corner,the hype is starting to build. Remember folks until the first Transformer's live action film,there was no definitive giant robot movie. I can remember Robot Jox & even watched the first Power Rangers movie with my kids just to see how they would manage the Zord fight with Ivan Ooze at the end. Anyway here is my final slide show for the new Transformers Dark of the Moon movie,beats by Quazedelic & myself.  ENJOY!

Here's the original one i did. It's got almost a million hits! Thing is,this was just a simple slide show that anyone could have done. But somehow they were drawn to my production. I had different music,but got reprimanded by you tube  because i didn't own the rights to that particular song. So i had to change it to one of the available tracks offered by you tube (mine was way better). But i was allowed to keep the hits. so ENJOY! 

 Finally here's a sample of my Transformers collection that i have put together over the years,ENJOY!

I leave you with a trailer from the upcoming TRANSFORMERS Dark of the MOON movie opening June 29. Hopefully third times the charm & they get it right this time. Lookin' real good so far!  Peace!