Saturday, October 13, 2012


What up fam! Up for FREE download is the latest episode of our radio show (podcast version). Broadcast on CJSF 90.1 every thursday at midnight! Also on the net at This week we feature new XZIBIT (NAPALM) & DJ KILOCEE killing the tables,plus a funky BREAKBEAT SET! Krispy Bisket mixx show! HIP HOP FOREVER! SPREAD THE WORD! ENJOY! THAT'S MY WORD!
Code 1,Ease & DJ Kilocee at CJSF 90.1 FM

Friday, August 17, 2012

The GREATEST OF EASE "Greatest Hits" free downloads

Thanks for all for the support & love everyone has been showing us since our return to radio. Cjsf 90.1 & Krispy Bisket mix show,thurs 12 midnight! Hip Hop forever!
AS thanks for all the support i have made available for the first time,a collection of my (and my crew's) Greatest hits or Misses! A collection of my work throughout my career in Hip Hop music. Free to download! Track List: INTRO:King Otto,"Knowledge x 2":Matt the Alien/Kilocee/Incredible Ease,"All Praises Due"(Sichuan remix):MC Checkmate/Incredible Ease/Kilocee,"Play the Back":Quaze(DELIC)/Incredible Ease/Kilocee(EQ),"All Praises Due"(B Mello Its Yours Mixtape),Outtro"FOR REAL!":King Otto. Free to download! Also on itunes! ENJOY!

Friday, July 13, 2012

MY RETURN TO RADIO! CJSF 90.1 FM Thursdays 12am

After a long absence from radio..We have returned! Thanks to good friend & fellow hardcore Hip Hop follower CODE 1. Well respected Hip Hop DJ Legend "Kilocee" has once again called on me to help "SPREAD THE WORD" that is true Hip Hop! First,big respect to CODE 1

DJ KILOCEE & myself (Incredible Ease) then decide to edit our show on CJSF fm for a podcast version and make it available to ITUNES!(search Krispy Bisket)On our 5th show we hit over 20,000 plays/downloads both on itunes & Podomatic (our host)! This is just the beginning of a return to real Hip Hop! We at the "KRISPY BISKET" are happy to be at the "Tip of the Spear"! Here for your enjoyment is our most played/downloaded show(July 5 2012)that has become a world wide radio Hip Hop classic! ENJOY & Check us live at Thursdays at midnight to 2am DONT BITE THE BISKET! SPREAD THE WORD!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vancouver Fan Expo 2012

The last time I went to a large scale comic convention in Vancouver was in 1999. The highlights included an appearance by Comic artist JIM LEE and AL Simmons of SPAWN fame.
It was called Pacific Comicon & the place was small & hot.
Jim Lee Resident Evil comic cover (got mine signed Pacific Comicon 1999)
Al Simmons of SPAWN (pic courtesy SPAWN.COM)
Fast forward 13 years & the city has come in to it's own after hosting the 2009 winter Olympics,Stanly cup playoffs and other successful events. It was just a matter of time before another convention returned to the city.

Enter The Fan Expo! It's been around for some time, but until now has been on the east coast of Canada. This is it's first time ever in Vancouver B.C. and I must say it was a huge Success!

Highlights included appearances by Adam West & Burt Ward,Kevin Sorbo,Michael Dorn and Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno waits to take a pic with a fan 

Michael Dorn (STAR TREK Next Generation) chats with fans

Adam West (origional Batman/Family guys Mayor West) signs for fans!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I can remember watching the original episodes with my father when i was a kid. I thought it was mad cool that the brother on the show was the "tech expert". I saw the Hollywood movies,but only like the second one directed by John Woo. With the fourth one upon us this December,i once again have hope Tom & company can turn out a flick i will enjoy. So far so good,but I've said that before....
In anticipation for the upcoming movie,i had to bust out & dust off my CUSTOM action figure. I bashed this figure almost 2 and a half years ago. I chose Ethan Hunt's gear from the 3rd film,even though i really dislike the story on that one. I'm working on a figure from the second movie (My favorite),but it's hard to find a head sculpt of Tom when his hair was really long. Here's the figure:
 That's Chow Yun Fat from the John Woo film 'Hard Boiled" next to Tom from Mission Impossible 3. I know Chow Yun has nothing to do directly with the "Mission" franchise,but He worked with director John Woo who directed MI 2!. See how i did that?

Here was the inspiration for my custom Hard Boiled movie figure,since we're on the topic. Oh yeah,the gun play in that movie is INCREDIBLE!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I've always been fond of Robots. I was hooked from the time i received my first one,the Topper King Ding. At about the 2 minute mark in this video,you can see what i woke up too one Christmas morning as a youngster!

From there i watched Gigantor everyday when i got home from school. I was hooked!

Transformers hold a special place with me. I was too old to play with the toys, but would watch the episodes on tv when i was in the Navy. It meant alot at the time,because i had just reported for duty to my NAVY squadron & didn't know to many people. Since the majority of my shipmates were already out to sea & on their way back,i got to stay on land & do Barracks maintenance. I would be off at 3.00 go back have a snack, & watch Transformers cartoons. What was also cool was that Transformers can cater not only to kids,anime geeks, & robot nerds but also the guys who like "big boy toys" like CAR nuts or enthusiasts . Believe me if i hit the number i would have cars like Jay Leno or Wyclef Jean!

Fast forward to now,with the 3rd & final part of the Transformers trilogy just around the corner,the hype is starting to build. Remember folks until the first Transformer's live action film,there was no definitive giant robot movie. I can remember Robot Jox & even watched the first Power Rangers movie with my kids just to see how they would manage the Zord fight with Ivan Ooze at the end. Anyway here is my final slide show for the new Transformers Dark of the Moon movie,beats by Quazedelic & myself.  ENJOY!

Here's the original one i did. It's got almost a million hits! Thing is,this was just a simple slide show that anyone could have done. But somehow they were drawn to my production. I had different music,but got reprimanded by you tube  because i didn't own the rights to that particular song. So i had to change it to one of the available tracks offered by you tube (mine was way better). But i was allowed to keep the hits. so ENJOY! 

 Finally here's a sample of my Transformers collection that i have put together over the years,ENJOY!

I leave you with a trailer from the upcoming TRANSFORMERS Dark of the MOON movie opening June 29. Hopefully third times the charm & they get it right this time. Lookin' real good so far!  Peace!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That's my Word! Books "The Ice Man"

One of my favorite book subjects is: True crime & Military history. I've read everything from the Art of War to Killing Pablo to Murder Machine (Roy De Meo's Gambino crew). I have to say,I've never read anything or heard of a character quite like Richard Kuklinski. This stone cold killer did freelance work and jobs for the notorious Gambino's as well as other crime family's. He claims to also have participated in the Legendary Carmine Galante hit,the job on Big Paul Castellano in NY at Sparks Steak house in 85 as well as helping Jimmy Hoffa disappear. The thing that got me,was the inventive ways he killed & claimed to have dispatched over 200 people,yet didn't get caught for over 20 years! Richard learned how to perfect poison from another contract killer called "Mister Softee" who actually drove a legit ice cream truck and served children while he stalked his victims! Mr Softee aka Robert Pronge used Cyanide spray & booby traps to dispatch his victims.

This story hits close to home,because i was born and raised in Paterson NJ in the 60's to late 80's. I remember living down the street (East 26st) from an older kid name Joey Butterfuoco,who's dad got our new (stolen) car returned the next day by making a phone call! Or the Italian dude with the brown caddy who dropped off the illegal fire works to the Spanish cat by school 13,who we always bought from. I can see why my mom said "Edwin stay out of bars,pool halls & dice/card games"when i was growing up. Richard Kuklinski actually visited Paterson on a regular basis for awhile for business & high stakes gambling,go figure. Thank GOD i was too young to cross paths with this guy,but Mr Softee...that's another story!   
As of this post there are 2 movie projects in the works. One is featured in the teaser poster above & another "ICEMAN" starring/produced by academy award winner Micky Rourke. I have my fingers crossed that the movies will be good,they certainly have a lot to work with. Bottom line is,the Book version by author Philip Carlo is the BEST book I've read this year,maby so far! For more info,there are a few documentaries containing interviews with Richard Kuklinski. I will include one here:  Enjoy!
Thanks for checking & read this book if you get the chance,you won't be disappointed. Till next time PEACE!