Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That's my Word! Books "The Ice Man"

One of my favorite book subjects is: True crime & Military history. I've read everything from the Art of War to Killing Pablo to Murder Machine (Roy De Meo's Gambino crew). I have to say,I've never read anything or heard of a character quite like Richard Kuklinski. This stone cold killer did freelance work and jobs for the notorious Gambino's as well as other crime family's. He claims to also have participated in the Legendary Carmine Galante hit,the job on Big Paul Castellano in NY at Sparks Steak house in 85 as well as helping Jimmy Hoffa disappear. The thing that got me,was the inventive ways he killed & claimed to have dispatched over 200 people,yet didn't get caught for over 20 years! Richard learned how to perfect poison from another contract killer called "Mister Softee" who actually drove a legit ice cream truck and served children while he stalked his victims! Mr Softee aka Robert Pronge used Cyanide spray & booby traps to dispatch his victims.

This story hits close to home,because i was born and raised in Paterson NJ in the 60's to late 80's. I remember living down the street (East 26st) from an older kid name Joey Butterfuoco,who's dad got our new (stolen) car returned the next day by making a phone call! Or the Italian dude with the brown caddy who dropped off the illegal fire works to the Spanish cat by school 13,who we always bought from. I can see why my mom said "Edwin stay out of bars,pool halls & dice/card games"when i was growing up. Richard Kuklinski actually visited Paterson on a regular basis for awhile for business & high stakes gambling,go figure. Thank GOD i was too young to cross paths with this guy,but Mr Softee...that's another story!   
As of this post there are 2 movie projects in the works. One is featured in the teaser poster above & another "ICEMAN" starring/produced by academy award winner Micky Rourke. I have my fingers crossed that the movies will be good,they certainly have a lot to work with. Bottom line is,the Book version by author Philip Carlo is the BEST book I've read this year,maby so far! For more info,there are a few documentaries containing interviews with Richard Kuklinski. I will include one here: http://youtu.be/B9_aUJtlYI0  Enjoy!
Thanks for checking & read this book if you get the chance,you won't be disappointed. Till next time PEACE!                      

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