Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thats my Word! Video Games & Gaming

Video games like movies & music can invoke nostalgic feelings of where you were or what you were doing at a specific time in your life. For instance: I remember going to Darryl & Martin's house on 27th street to play Intellivision football,or the battles we used to have at Blimpies across the street from Paterson NJ city hall in the 80's. How about Donkey Kong on Colecovision,007/Rogue Squadron/Mario cart on N64 or chilling in Whistler B.C. with my peeps playing the Tony Hawk Pro Skater DEMO back in the day,to name a few great memories! Nowadays on any video game site you have hundreds of thousands of people claiming to be the most knowledgeable,have the best opinions,or just claiming to be experts. But where is their credibility? Credentials? Before i start to blog about a subject,best believe i would show proof of my background knowledge on that subject. So here is one of my favorite video game franchises from my personal collection.                                                                                                       

Socom US Navy SEALS has a special place in my collection. Not only was it one of the first PS2 games to go online,it was part of the NAVY which i served in for 9 years. Although i was not actually a Navy SEAL,i did do Carrier ops (workups) with west coast SEALS off Coronado California. So i was ecstatic about a Navy game being developed and was on it from day one! I even bought the Final Fantasy bundle JUST for the PS2 Network adapter! Fast forward to 2011 and a new SOCOM game release. This new SOCOM (4) is more of a reboot/overhaul of the series. It plays like MAG 3rd person (remember that third person mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?). It also has elements of GRAW (Ghost Recon Advance War fighter) & Uncharted 2 Drakes Fortune. I beta tested the new SOCOM 4. Here is video footage of my game play:
This is not a review of SOCOM 4,its more of a "heads up" of what is to come. I will do a review once i have played the game for some time. Also currently playing the new Mortal Kombat. Bottom line? When i blog about a subject you can best believe I'll give you an unbiased opinion. Not to mention the years of gaming and just plain experience under my belt. This year (2011) sees a lot of great games & CLASSIC series releasing & I'll get early access (BETA) to upcoming games as well. So stay tuned as we gear up and get ready for a great Year in gaming! "Let the GAMING begin!"        


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